You, Me, and IT: realizations and learnings on Information Technology


Here I am right now, a grown student sitting in front of a desktop computer at school writing her last (and longest!) blog post related to Information Technology. I have written a number of posts about IT and how does it change the world. Looking back from the past lessons, blog posts and exercises we made at our class I can’t help but think that IT such a large subject matter. It is not just about computers or internet or applications and codes anymore, as what I have discussed from my first blog post. IT nowadays encompasses everything in our personal and professional lives. I have learned a great deal of lessons which I have not encountered before, and most of them can be applied in real life.

I would like to share a list of some of my realizations after studying MGT 286 (Management Information Technology) over the past three months:

  1. IT is not only for geeks and nerds who use computers all day. Managers of businesses need to study and understand IT in order to increase their organization’s competitive advantage and productivity. Simply speaking, IT is the new thing in management.
  2. There’s no use for IT and Information Systems in the workplace if they are not used strategically and in line with the Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives of the company. Remember that IT are investments and should not be viewed as expenses.
  3. For successful implementation of IT strategies, and if the management is generous enough to allow it, there must be a dedicated Project Management Team (PMT) with good people and resources. It would be more effective if someone from the senior management advocates this (hint, hint!)
  4. Some of the companies’ business processes such as customer service, payroll processing, and utility services can be outsourced to other companies so that they can focus on their core business processes and increase profitability. IT processes can be outsourced but the management must set some considerations and stipulations before doing so.
  5. Valuable and successful companies implement what they call an IT Corporate Governance. This delivers value to the company and mitigates risk through implementing IT internal controls in the system.
  6. The faster, the better, but it is best when it is online. People have started to use and appreciate the use of collaboration tools and wireless networks to communicate with people anytime, anywhere. This makes their work flexible and can do a lot of tasks in just a short period of time.
  7. One of the trendiest businesses today are online or E-business. A lot of online shops are popping up and this is a good thing because the products are now available around the world, plus shopping online is so much easier.
  8. Efficient business processes in all departments of the workplace can be achieved through using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This will integrate all processes in a centralized system for easy access and faster communication within the organization.
  9. Business can be perform well through getting as much data as they can from their market and analyzing hidden trends which they can use to their advantage. With the help of Business Intelligence (BI) Tools managers can see what processes should be given focus and what product or service should they market more.
  10. Information and knowledge is very powerful when it is properly managed. Companies can learn a lot by implementing knowledge management systems, and some of its activities are mentoring, knowledge sharing and benchmarking.
  11. Companies must know how IT resources must be allocated to all departments in order to achieve their goals and objectives. Thus and IT enterprise architecture must be created to serve as the blueprint of the organization’s IT operations and resources.
  12. Of course, none of these would work if the organization lacks ethical standards on the use of IT resources. Even in our personal lives, we should be responsible in using our computers and other devices, especially in social media. Whatever we do or post in the digital world cannot be erased and can be used against us.

The once large world is slowly getting smaller as people find ways to get closer to each other, despite geographical instances. The 21st century is considered as Information Age, where everything relies on the communication, processing, interpreting and storing of information. And as the mindset of the people has shifted to using computerized processes from the old traditional ways, the world of Information Technology is growing at a fast pace. If you would ask me right now if Information Technology, I would definitely say right away that IT really matters to each and every one of us.

To you, who is reading this very long post, I hope that you have learned a lot because I would like to share what I have learned with you. May we keep these in mind and apply them in the real world because that’s the main purpose of studying and learning IT.

Thank you! And I hope that we will see each other someday, in both the real and digital worlds. 😄💻📱





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