Social Media: A Way of Life

How many social media accounts do you have? 1? 2? More than that? I myself have been using 5 accounts as of the moment and struggling to be as active as possible in each one of them. Each social media account that I have reflects a different aspect of my life. I have interacted with a lot of people both locally and internationally with the help of social media, and some of them are still my friends.


What’s good with having online presence is that you gain a lot of friends from different places and learn things through personal interaction, which you usually don’t read on books. They can be your source of support when faced with major circumstances in life.

The good

In fact, social media has become a breakthrough in communication and changes the way people interact. For me, it has helped me gain security and support through circles of friends that are formed in social media sites. I have met with some of my Facebook friends in real life and they are the nicest people I know. I also have professional networks online (through Linkedin and Google+) where I can learn from their work experiences and see what the best practices of other companies are. I can now also read news and current affairs online, which can add up to my general knowledge and thus make me a learned professional.

The bad

But then it has its downsides. Though it has created a lot of friendships and relationships, cases of bullying and scamming have increased since people started using social media accounts and many of these have resulted into crimes. Also there is the prevalence of fake news that try to manipulate people’s minds and judgement. Companies have continuously been trying to prevent these but there’s still a lot of work to be done. In order to minimize these adverse cases, we must change the way we use social media platforms.

Anyway, I have made five (5) personal commitment statements when staying online, which you can also follow and apply.


Ibyang’s C.R.U.S.M (Commitments for Responsible Use of Social Media)

I, a netizen, commit to:

  • Create a good image to all the people I interact with, especially with the younger audience
  • Respect everyone in the online world regardless of gender, race, or any cultural distinction
  • Use social media only when important or when all office/school works are done
  • Share only what’s good, inspiring, and informative with other people
  • Minimize negative presence by reprimanding offenders in private, or reporting them to proper authorities

That’s it! I hope you and I will become a responsible citizen of the Internet world. 😄


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