Let’ go shopping (at home)! : Why Internet Shopping is winning (and breaking) the hearts of consumers

You probably heard of them, they are literally everywhere right now. Over the past years online shops and stores have been popping up like mushrooms and they are selling a wide variety of products. From clothes and accessories to food to even cars and properties – you name it, they will definitely have it.


Online shopping > Going out to shop

What’s nice about internet shopping is that it is already making its grand entrance in the Philippine business scene. According to data shown by Statista, a Statistics and Market Forecasting website, people using e-commerce is almost equal to actual retail with 49.8% user penetration in 2017 and is expected to increase by half in 2021. Total revenue this 2017 is amounted to US$1,237 and will double come the year 2021. It is inevitable that online shopping is capturing the attention of buyers. Some reason that we can give for this is that you do your shopping anywhere, as long as you have a device connected to the internet and a credit/ debit card. You can even pay for the items you bought on the day it is delivered to you! Also almost all products that can be bought in physical stores can now be found available at online stores.

The sad part

But then there are always two sides of a coin. Internet shopping also has it downsides. One of these is delayed shipments due to air traffic and logistical problems. There are cases where the cargoes are mixed up and delivered to wrong recipients. Also there are issues on quality control and the legitimacy of online shops. There are stores who sell fake items and scam a lot of buyers by selling them as “genuine” with a very cheap price. And also, we can never deny the fact that like physical shops, online stores are also susceptible to risks such as theft, unexpected shortages and bankruptcy. Well they are also businesses after all, just virtual and online.


I have listed below some products that I personally would buy through online shopping, as well as items that I would doubt buying and those that I will definitely not buy on the internet. You may check them out below:

Three (3) products that ibyang would definitely buy online

  • Fandom merchandise
  • Basic home and office items
  • Personal Accessories

These items come as they are and they don’t really need very specific requirements from the buyer, as the online seller already have the specifications. They can also be replaced when there are defects or if the actual product received does not fit the buyer’s tastes or expectations.

Three (3) Products that ibyang would think twice before buying

  • Clothes, shoes, and other items that need body measurements
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Large, bulky items such as furniture, appliances, or vehicles

Some of these items might need for the buyer to fit first before buying, so there are chances that they cannot use their ordered products because of wrong measurements. Large items when needed to be shipped might incur high shipping costs thus rendering it impractical to buy online. As for electronics, make sure that there is a warranty and ensure with the supplier if there are any present defects or physical damages in the device.

Three (3) Products that ibyang would never, ever buy over the internet

  • Prescription drugs
  • Groceries
  • Plants, pets, and other living things

These things are no-no for me in the internet shopping list. The products listed above are essential commodities and I would insist that these should be bought personally. The safety of these products should not be compromised over the convenience of buying them online.

So that’s it, the perks and perils of internet shopping. I hope this has made you fully informed before trying it. Happy shopping! 😀



e-Commerce – Philippines | Statista Market Forecast. Retrieved from https://www.statista.com/outlook/243/123/e-commerce/philippines#market-revenue


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