IT and Me: random thoughts and opinions on Information Technology

I can still clearly recall my very first experience with computers. I was about 4 years old then, sitting on one of the desks at my mom’s workplace. Staring at the huge CRT monitor, my free time was spent on drawing random figures using the Microsoft Paint application because it was the only program I knew how to use. I would spend all day drawing lines, shapes and colors to create simple images that was once restrained in my mind.


As I stepped into high school, my interest on IT has greatly increased. By then I have enough knowledge on basic computer applications such as word processors, spreadsheets and other accessories which we often use to make our assignments and projects. There was also a time where I spend hours chatting with friends on our Friendster accounts and checking our emails for any important messages.

Then came my 3rd year, where we have learned the basic programming languages and creating our own computer programs. Right there and then I was smitten with 0’s and 1’s.

I have come to realize that IT has already became a big part in our everyday lives. It is obvious for when you go to public places and observe the people around, you will see them attached to their smartphones snapping selfies with friends, updating their social network accounts, or paying bills and finishing their work assignments online.

According to Digital Marketing Philippines, the Philippines is now the sixth largest Internet market in the whole of Asia and the second largest in Southeast Asia for the year 2016. Majority of the Filipino netizens are now digital-savvy and prefer the use of IT over traditional methods in particularly anything. But ironically, the Philippines’ Internet speed is very very veryyy slow with a sluggish rate of 4.3 Mpbs on web and 8.5 Mpbs on mobile (according to TechinAsia).


Sad but true.

On my personal point of view, IT is and will always be there and it will never stop growing. Millennials like me have come to embrace this change and appreciate the wonders of IT. Honestly, I am thankful that I can get things done with a few simple keystrokes rather than spending endless hours cramped in a library with a huge pile of books or waiting for the next snail mail to arrive.


Easy as that. 😎💻


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